Saturday, September 15, 2018

Product Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is something which is purely based on passion. If you do not have the passion for photography, you can never be a good photographer. In the recent time, the number of photographers has increased and increased drastically since the demand for photos and photography is also increasing. Being a successful photographer is not everyone’s cup of tea. You cannot be a photographer in a moment. It needs a lot of time and patience. There are different types of photography done by different photographers. Like you all know that photography has become a medium of communication, people really get the language of photography. Product photography is one of the strongest and demanded photography types. There are lots of companies in the world which has only photographs to attract the buyers toward their products through photography. Product photography has come up as a blessing to e-commerce businesses. Why would people buy products from your website? Of course, if they find the product photos convincing. It very much depends on the photographers to make the product photos look good and convincing. For that, you need to know some product photography tips if you are a beginner. Here I am mentioning some of the basic product photography hacks below. 1. Choose the Camera Wisely For a better photography, a better camera is the must. When you are doing product photography, go for the cameras which are updated and work best for product photography. There are various cameras specially designed for product photography. Take the suggestion from professional photographers and buy the camera which they recommend. It is not important every time to shoot product photos from professional DSLR cameras, you can also click product photos from your smartphones if you know how to do it.
2. Know all the camera Settings If you want to be a good product photographer, it is very important to be friendly with your device/camera. You have to go through the camera manuals and all the settings of the camera. For product photography, experiment the settings while clicking the photos of products. That will make you understand which settings are better for which kind of product photographs.
3. Use Different Angles Attracting viewers/ customers towards your products through photographs is difficult. As a customer, we would definitely want to see a product from every angle. One cannot decide to buy the product or not if the product is not showing in various angles. So I would suggest you click the product photos from different angles so that the customers do not get confused about the products.
4. Build Concepts One of the main purposes of publishing photographs is conveying messages through photographs. Making concepts and putting them to your product photography will give your photos a rich element. You can use props or people to build a concept through your product photographs. So try building concepts with your product photographs.
5. Select Correct Background The background is considered one of the important elements in every kind of photography. In product photography, a background plays a vital role to make the product photo looks attractive. Sometimes, you may go wrong with the selection of the background which is not complementing the product color. Therefore, go with the color of the background which makes a contrast to the product colors. I would suggest you select a white color background.
6. Buy or make a Lightbox A lightbox is actually a square box which is made of fabrics which are used as background. When you are doing product photography, you do not need additional lights or background. Lights are fit inside the box. You just have to put your products inside and shoot.
7. Use a Tripod Isn’t it obvious that no one wants product photos which are shaky? To avoid the shakiness and to give rest to your hands, use a tripod. You can easily set the camera on the tripod and click product photos as long as you can. Tripod really can help you to click good product photos.
8. Take Close-ups People take product photos from different angles. But to make people understand the product more closely by clicking close-ups of the products. Take macro photographs of your products. Zoom in to the products and click. Make sure that the photos are clear enough.
9. Post Processing or Photo Editing After seeing raw photos of your product photos, you may not get satisfied with the photos. The best thing you can do with your photos is editing. Photo Editing is very important nowadays. If you think your photos need better looks then edit your product photos using Photoshop at home or you can also take the help of different photo editing companies which may help you give your photos new looks. There are plenty of photo editing techniques you may go with. Such as background removal, photo retouching, color correction, photo masking, drop shadow and many others.
Product photography is a tough thing. But once you know the tactics of product photography, you will find it very easy to do. For beginners, following these 9 tips may prove helpful. So apply and follow these tips and start doing product photography.

Monday, August 6, 2018

How to Remove a Background using Photoshop

Photo editing is becoming very influential day-by-day. The importance of photo editing is also increasing drastically. A background is an important element of a photograph and there is no doubt about it. A background actually compliments the whole photograph. It is background which allows the main object to shine out. But sometimes the background goes wrong and so the entire photo just because of a wrong background. For getting out of a bad background and to avoid a bad photograph, background removal or clipping path technique of Photoshop is highly used. Almost every Photo Editing Company uses background removal service or clipping path technique to remove the background of the photos. You may be thinking that removing background is tough. It really is not that tough as you are thinking. You just have to know about the Photoshop Tool to edit background and to remove a background.

Let’s see how you can remove a background using Photoshop in just a few easy steps. Here I go.

Step 1
At first, you have to open the photo in Photoshop. To open the Photo, you need to go to file>open at the top right of Photoshop. Click on the photo you want to work with and press ok to import the file. You can also open the photo just by dragging the photo into Photoshop.

Step 2
You have to work in the background layer. So go to the layer panel and create a background layer where you can work.

Step 3
You have to select a tool by which you want to draw the lines of clipping path. There are multiple tools for making the selection such as pen tool, lasso tool, magic wand tool etc. I would suggest you to select the pen tool. Select the pen tool from the tool bar by clicking on the pen icon or press ‘p’ to activate the pen tool.

Step 4
You have to make the selection of the areas of clipping path area right after drawing clipping path. Keep the cursor on the background layer, and then click on the background layer and press ctrl on the keyboard at the same time to make the selection. Doing that, the whole clipping path area will be selected.

Step 5
When you are done making the selection of the clipping path areas, press ‘q’ on the keyboard and you will see that the background of the image is completely removed isolating the object.

Applying these 5 steps will help you to remove the background easily. You can use this procedure at home which will not take a long time. This process is not time-consuming at all. All you need is to know the use of Photoshop tool to make the work easier. I hope this article of mine will help you to edit and remove the background.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Top 6 Photography Angles to make the Photo look great

There are several photography tips and techniques which are used by all the photographers to make their photo look great. One photography tip that you will need while photography is to know different angles of photography while shooting. Sometimes photos look really different if they are shot by different angles. You can make an ugly thing look great or a shot think look long by trying different angle. Do you think that all the photography is only clicked with a boring straight angle? You are wrong if you think so. The famous photographers around the world click great photographs by using their body movement to get various angles. Sometimes the photographers sit, lie down, bent, sit on the knees, stand up high and different other angles and poises they use just to get some amazing looking photos. In this article, I am going to discuss top 6 photography angles of photography which will make your photo look different and great.

1.       Stand Straight
When you are up for photography, the first angle that mostly used is straight angle. This is a very old posture of clicking photos. Get the straight photo just like the real scenario. The size of the object or the scenery will be seen just accurately.

2.       Sit Down with the Camera
Photography means showing the perspective to the viewers through photographs. While photography, try sitting down with the camera and try to click the photo of your subject from the lower angle. That will make your photo look more natural and real.

3.       Tilt the Camera
If you want to get photos a bit angled or a bit out of shape then tilt your camera. That will make your photo a bit different and itself will add a fun element. You can also tilt your camera extreme lest or extreme right to click better portrait photography.

4.       Stand High
Go really up or stand high if you want a cityscape or stunning landscape. This will make you cover the whole area of whatever you are shooting. So it is better to stand up and click photos from there. You will really get great photographs from there.

5.       Lay Down
Lying down with the camera is fun. You will get some funny photos when you click photographs lying down on the floor. You can even make one small thing looks really bigger. That changes the whole nature of the photograph. You can try this style.

6.       Click from the Wide Angle
Suppose you have gone to holidays and the view is amazing to see. It would be incomplete if you capture the photo leaving even a single part of the view. Go far and click the photo from a wide angle. That will cover the whole view on the camera.


These are the 6 top angles which are usually used to click superb looking photographs by the photographers. If you are a beginner and you do not know which angles to use, this article of mine can help you to get great and different photographs. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

7 Basic Photography Tips which make you a Professional

Photography is full of fun and excitement. For photography, you need to be passionate and crazy for delivering great photographs. But photography is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a photographer, you need to be skillful and you have to have the knowledge about photography. Having a camera and clicking around does not make you a photographer, but the madness and the skill in photography make you a professional photographer. There are some technical barriers to photography. As a photographer, you need to know some tips which can make you a professional photographer. Here are 7 basic photography tips which make you a professional.

1)      Select the Best camera and Lenses
The first tips I would like to give is to select or purchase the best camera or an updated camera to start photography. You need to check which camera has the best features and filters. Based on that, you should purchase a good quality camera. Along with the camera, you also need to buy the lenses. The camera is incomplete without lenses. Lenses help you to get quality photos. There are several lenses in the market which are working amazingly. Canon and Nikon are working best for photography.

2)      Have Knowledge about Camera Settings
When you are done buying/purchasing the camera, you need to go through the manuals of the camera. You must know the settings of that particular camera. Different cameras have different types of settings. Different settings work in different ways. So it is very important for a photographer to grab the knowledge about camera settings so that the photography becomes easier and you can do photography like a professional.

3)      Take Constant Shots
If you are a beginner or amateur photographer, roam around with your camera and take constant shots of anything. That will help you to be friendly with the camera and all the settings. Shot everything comes on your way. Keep clicking the photos as long as you are tired. But trust me; you are going to enjoy shooting everything. The constant shots you will click will also make your hands camera friendly.

4)      Shoot What you Love
There are several things you may get attracted to. So you should shot the things something that you love. You can spend hour’s even shooting one object you love. It can be nature, it can be some object or it can be human too. Shooting what you love the most will help you to get the grip to your photography to the fullest.

5)      Shoot from Different Angles
If you see the photographs of some great photographers, you will observe that the photographers have played with the angles. As a beginner, you need to practice clicking photos with your camera in different angles. Different angles will give different look to your photographs. So to add variety and to show the photos in artistic ways, try using different angles while photography.

6)      Learn from the Mistakes
A human learns a lot from their mistakes. This is not new. Nothing should stop you doing photography is you are passionate about photography. Even though you are making mistakes while photography, just go on. Someday these mistakes will lead you to success and make you a good photographer. So you can learn many good things and be an expert by making mistakes.

7)      Photo Editing
The last and the final tip of making your photography like professional is photo editing. Sometime, the photos may not come as good as you wanted as a photographer. So you need to edit your photo. Photo editing is fun. But it may not become possible for some photographers to do due to the shortage of time. So they seek help from different photo editing companies.


When I was a beginner, I remember one of my photographer friends had given me this advice. Today I have shared these 5 basic photography tips with you as starters. Every photographer should follow the tips if you want to be a better photographer. So try these 7 tips and groom yourself.

What is the Importance of Photo Editing?

What is the Importance of Photo Editing?

Photographs have become a major way of communication now-a-days. Every function you attend these days, one common thing you will see is photography. Some click photos with phone or some with professional cameras. In fact for advertising, photographs are the most influential way of promoting the product for every company. The professional photos you see everywhere, do you think these are all raw photographs? You are mistaking if you are thinking so. There are many photo editing companies building every day which professionally edit photos. Almost all the professional photos are printed or published after processing or photo editing. Photo editing has become very popular these days. Photo editing can make your photo look way better than the original one. Because while photo editing, you can put different element and increase the quality of the photo by using various techniques. Photo editing has built a very positive impact on every company or individual who are working with photos in various ways. So in this article, I am going to tell you why photo is editing so important.

  • The importance of photo editing is many. But photo editing is most important for making the changes to the photographs. There are different ways of photo editing. Photo editing can change the whole look of a photo of yours. A dull photo can look really lively after processing. You can change or remove the background of your photo. With the beauty of the photograph, it also enhances the quality of a photograph.

  • Photo editing can make changes and change the look of your personal portrait photographs. Suppose you are just trying to photograph at home with your known people and clicking portrait photographs. Somehow your photos didn’t come that well. Photo editing is there to help you to edit your portrait photos and give ravishing look to your personal portrait photographs.

  • Raw photos sometimes may not create the magic on the viewers or the customers. Hence the conversion rate of the photo decreases drastically. One thing you can do to increase the conversion rate of the photo is editing the photos. When you edit the photos as per the requirements, you will see how rapidly your photo conversion increases.

  • Photo editing has proven an easy way of earning. There are millions of companies who are hiring photo editors to edit their company product photographs or for graphic designing. If you know how to edit photos, there’s a high chance of yours getting hired by a company as photo editor/graphic designer. If you are an expert, you can also be a freelancer and earn sitting at home.

  • For e-commerce industries photos matter a lot. As a photographer, I like to give tips on photography and photo editing. E-commerce industries need photo editing the most. Photo editing plays an important role in the entire photo editing industry. Because it is only e-commerce industries which are showing and selling their products only by photographs directly. So it is very important for them to publish amazing photos of the products. If the photos are not convincing enough, your photos will miserably fail and you will not be able to gather customers. So the e-commerce industries use different photo editing techniques to improve their photographs.

There are different photo editing tools and techniques for different kinds of photos. For every kinds of flaws of the photo, there are some techniques to use while photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing tool for editing photos marvelously. In some photos the backgrounds may not be convincing, in some photos the colors may look faded; in some photos you may find some unwanted spots and blemishes. There are few photo editing techniques I would like to mention which are being used hugely by many photo editing companies for making the photos look better. These are: Background removal/clipping path, color correction, photo retouching, drop shadow/mirror reflection, photo masking, photo manipulation and many more. Therefore, you should start editing photos whenever you need to enjoy all the benefits.

5 Camera Settings you must know as a beginner

When you begin photography, everything may look new to you. Even it will take time to be friendly with the camera. Well, you must know that photography is not only about how you click the camera and shoot. It is also about the settings. As a photographer, you have to gather vast knowledge about photography. And the camera setting is one of them. If you are a beginner, you may wonder what camera settings you should use. This comes under one of the basic and essential photography tips. There are several camera settings which are used for several kinds of shooting. Before going for the photo shoot you should set your camera rightly so that you can click photos in a right way. As a beginner, you may not know some basic setting of the camera for photography. Here, I would like you to know some camera settings that will help you to shoot photos rightly.

1.       AutoFocus Mode
The shooting becomes easier and best when you turn on the autofocus mode while photography. If you are a beginner as a photographer, you may not know about focusing. You have to turn on the autofocus mode of the camera so that you do not have to struggle with the focus magnifier to focus. Rather, it would be very easier for you to focus on the object by activating autofocus mode. If you read the manual, you can see how the autofocus mode is activated.

2.       Shutter Speed
Shutter speed is one of the essential camera settings you need to look after. Setting the shutter speed is actually depends on what you want to click. If you want to click something like running cars, waterfalls, and adventure rides etc. the shutter speed should be set high because, these are the running things and goes with the speed. To capture the speeds, you need to set the shutter speed high. For normal photography, you can keep the shutter speed low.

3.       ISO Setting
ISO is highly responsible for the photo quality of your photographs. The ISO should keep as low as you can. As a beginner, you may think that all the high settings can lead you to great photography. But it is wrong. A high ISO setting will make your photo noisy and unclear. You need to avoid the noisy texture from the photo and make the photo look noise free by setting the ISO high.

4.       Shooting Mode
Some people think that shooting in manual mode is the best because you can have the control over your camera by activating the manual mode of the camera. But I would suggest you to shoot in auto mode if you are a beginner. The auto mode will set everything automatically so that you do not have to face trouble setting the camera for different kinds of photography.

5.       The Aperture Setting
One of the major priorities of the photography is focusing the main object you are shooting of. If the object is not in focus but the background or the foreground is, then it is a waste. Adding aperture to your camera lens will help you to get the focus on your object. Even the camera shaking can be avoided by setting the aperture.


So as a photographer, you really need to know these photography tips about camera settings. Remember that the camera settings are highly responsive to get great photographs as a beginner. I hope these camera setting tips will help you and you can make better use of your camera and deliver great photographs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Top 5 Photoshop Tools to Edit Photos for Beginners

Photo editing has become very important in this photographic world. Photoshop is known as the most powerful photo editing application at recent time period of time, perhaps the best tool of all time to edit photographs. Every kinds of professional photo editing, Photoshop is a must used tool. Photoshop is best because it has the best tools and techniques by which you can make the photos look the best. Before you start working with Photoshop, you should know about the tools of Photoshop and the techniques in which the tools are used. As a beginner, you have to know about the powers about some tools.
When you are about to edit photos with Photoshop, you have to go through some tools and techniques. If you do not know about the tools and you directly jump on to edit photos, you may face some difficulties while editing the photographs. So it is important for photo editing to know about the tools to get ready in a full swing. In this article of mine, I will discuss some of the basic and useful tools and its uses while editing photos in Photoshop for beginners.

1.       Crop Tool
The crop tool is one of the most used tools of Photoshop while editing. Suppose you are feeling that some part of the photograph is not looking that convincing or you feel like minimizing the photo and cut down those areas. Crop tool is there to help you. You just need to select the crop tool from the tool bar. To select crop tool, go to the tool bar and click on the crop icon or you can also activate crop tool by pressing ‘c’ on the keyboard. When you activate crop tool, you will get the cursor of crop tool stretch the tool as per your requirement and press enter. Your photo will be cropped simply.

2.       Pen Tool
In a photograph, background is a very important element. If the background cannot support an object, then the photograph will fail to impress the viewers. But now you can remove the unwanted background and get a new background if you use background removal technique by using pen tool of Photoshop. Pen tool is considered as the best tool for background removal. You can draw the accurate line of the object by pen tool which leads you to get perfect background removal. To activate pen tool, go to the tool bar and click on the ‘pen’ icon or press ‘p’ on keyboard.

3.       Spot Healing Brush Tool
In Photoshop, perhaps spot healing brush tool is the most magical tool. Suppose you have a photo which has multiple marks, spots and blemishes. Applying spot healing brush tool on those photos, will help you to remove the spots and blemishes and give you spotless photos. You can activate spot healing brush tool by click on the brush tool and select spot healing brush tool from the box.

4.       Adjustment Layer Tool
What makes a photo looks lively? Yes, it is the color which adds life to a photograph. A dull color photo makes the photo look lifeless. Raw photos may look dull. Photoshop can make it look colorful and lively. The magic of adjustment layer of Photoshop will make you do that. In the adjustment layer, you will get several options to adjust the color. You will get effect, auto color, color curve, brightness and contrast and many others. Go to Image>Adjustment and choose your preferred one to work with.

5.       Magnetic Lasso Tool
Magnetic Lasso Tool is another great tool of making selection of the objects while removing the background from an image. The beauty of magnetic lasso tool is, the tool understand the shape of the object. You just have to move the cursor and the tool will automatically follow the lines of the object with perfect shape. It makes easier to make the selection.

As a beginner, you should know and practice these 5 tools of Photoshop which will make you a professional photo editor. Being a photographer and photo editor at the same time, I have used these tools and edited many photos in my earlier time of photography and I delivered some amazing photos. I want you guys to have the knowledge about these tools and practice with them. Good Luck!